Happy new Years!

Florida Design Party

Florida Product Design New Years Eve Bash

The emerald coast culture is one based on a mutual love for automotive performance and creating memories with family. Many of our partners are exceptionally generous with their time and efforts in order to create a better community. One of our company friends at Florida Product Design (FPD Engineering) stated that the new years is the best opportunity to spend time with friends, family and gives us an opportunity to reflect and grow.

FPD is and engineering firm located with multiple offices throughout Florida including the emerald coast. They put on a New Years eve bash that we think would rival some of the best in the state. The party was exclusively for their clients. When I had an invention idea for a drip pan solution they engineered, prototyped and even helped me establish manufacturing. They had a very unique approach that minimized the design cycle and helped us push the drip pan to the market faster than we could have imagined.

As I’m rambling on I want to thank my son Erik, Christine my wife and all of our friends for making 2015 an absolute joy. We would not be here without the help and support for family and friends. So that being said every one lift your imaginary drink glass and let’s cheers to a new years. Let 2016 bring in another great year filled with love, success, and happiness. Also, Let’s focus on on getting all those non running project cars going. I know I have a project that has been way to long in the making. 2016 will be the year the turbo rumble bee mustang runs!

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