Twin Turbo Factory Five Cobra

Factory Five Menace

Sometimes we I come across a car build that is beyond insane. Though I consider myself a gearhead I would be terrified to drive this particular car. It is a Factory Five cobra replica. For those of you unfamiliar with factory five they manufacture kit cars based on a single car doner model. Basically you buy their kit, find a fox body mustang and merge the two together. The big difference in performance comes to the very light car.  The MK4 roadster is just over 2100 lbs. Can we say go cart like response?

What happens when a mad man builds one of these kit cars. Well, let me introduce you to Jeff Barfield and his version of the ultimate street car.

cobra engine

Turbo Cobra FF CObra Frame

To say this thing is fast is well an understatement. it features a 408 Dart Iron Eagle block, AFR 225 race geads, a custom turbo cam, oh yeah and a BorgWarner T6 83mm turbo. My question for him is how did you fit that motor and an 80mm turbo in the engine bay? He must have been very patient. What makes this even better is the drivability of this beast. It features a Big Stuff EFI, and 120lb/hr injectors. The motor is baked by a highly modified Tremek TKO-600. Many of the parts in the trans came from MMR Racing.

After about an hour and a half on the dyno, the cobra was making 780 hp on pump gas. With 18.2 psi of boost and a mix of VP 109/93-octane in the tank, the dyno registered a whopping 924 hp and 986 lb-ft of torque! There are plans for a c-16 run in the near future. The initial estimates would put it around 1,100rwhp. In a car that weighs in at 2200lbs that is a power to weight ratio of 2. Let’s compare that number for a second

McLaren P1-3.54

Bugatti Veryon-3.52

ariel atom 500- 2.43

and the number on care the Caparo T1- 2.11

Long story short this car is the king of the streets. There is not a production car with a better power to weight ration. Now the question is can he actually hook the car?



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